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Employment Law


It is a well-established fact that Human Resources Management can become very complicated as no two people are the same no matter the size or type of organisation in view.
In addition to workforce planning and development, compliance and employee engagement are not without its own challenges.

Employment law is obviously becoming more complex with changes being implemented practically every year.
We strongly advise discussing your employment needs with a suitably qualified professional as this would save you valuable time.

It will not only assist you in avoiding the numerous employment claims and pitfalls, it would also assist your organisation in identifying the most suitable policies and procedures to manage your work force fairly.
Hallmark Solicitors will advise you as to the best means of achieving an optimal balance, minimising risk and maintaining the highest standard of employment procedure.
We appreciate that legal issues can become protracted and stressful and therefore we have assembled an employment team that is proactive and solution focused. Our aim will be to resolve matters where possible without the need for expensive litigation or employment tribunals and our objective is to provide gold standard quality work, tailored to your specific needs at minimal cost and expense to you.
Hallmark Solicitors provides professional and effective resolution to all your employment law needs. We advise employers on a full range of employment law matters.
We have extensive experience of advising on:

  • Employment contracts and policies
  • Discrimination
  • Redundancies and restructuring
  • Employment issues related to mergers and acquisitions, outsourcing and TUPE
  • Settlement Agreements (Compromise Agreements)
  • Poor performance and disciplinary issues
  • Review of job offers  and advice on exit arrangements
  • Advise on remuneration structures, bonuses, deferred compensation and carried interests
  • Tribunal claims, including representations
  • Employee Benefits
  • Long Term Incentive Plans and Share Options
  • Guidance and Procedure


Fixed Fee Solutions
We are fairly flexible on how you wish to work with us. We offer advice in a way that fits with your business structure. This can either be by phone, email or a visit to us, receiving our advice and being accordingly. In the alternative, you could take on one of our Fixed Fees and Retainer services with extensive rewarding benefits.

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At Hallmark Solicitors we believe that employment should be fair for both the Employer and Employee.
Not all employers have large Human Resources departments and are up to date with all of the legal requirements for employees. Hallmark Solicitors are specialist employment lawyers who can help with all of your employment law problems.
Help getting the things you are entitled to by law:

  • A written statement of terms and conditions
  • Itemised pay slips
  • Holidays and holiday pay
  • Your contractual hours of work
  • Flexible working to achieve a work life balance
  • The National Minimum Wage
  • Written reasons for dismissal if you believe your dismissal is unfair

We take care of all your employment law needs from the time you sign your contract of employment, during your employment and when it is time to move on.
Job security is less common these days but we can help:

  • Advice on the transfer of your employment if a new owner takes over the business
  • Advice on redundancy, short time or lay-off
  • Ensure there is consultation and a fair method of selection. It is unusual that last in first out applies now, a skills assessment is the best method of protecting employment
  • Requesting suitable alternative employment
  • Securing the right compensation if redundancy is inevitable
  • Helping with claims for pay, holiday and notice pay and redundancy payments if your employer becomes insolvent

Although the statistics show that the numbers of Employment Tribunal claims are falling and the economy is recovering from the recession employers still make mistakes and disputes between employers and employees are inevitable.

Hallmark Solicitors are experts in dispute resolution. We try to negotiate the best possible outcome from preserving employment, to obtaining positive references which Employment Tribunals cannot order employers to provide and negotiating severance pay.

Most cases do settle allowing the parties to move on but if settlement is not possible we are experienced Employment Tribunal representatives.
Help when you need it most.

  • Disciplinary issues including allegations of gross misconduct
  • Raising grievances when you have been treated unfairly at work
  • Protection from unlawful discrimination
  • Protection if you need to disclose unlawful activity or breaches of health and safety at work (whistle-blowing)
  • Protection from unfair dismissal
  • Assisting you through ACAS mediation. ACAS will mediate but they won’t advise you how strong your case is or how much compensation you are entitled to
  • Advice on settlement agreements (formerly compromise agreements)
  • Employment Tribunal representation

How do you pay for our help?

  • Many people do not have to pay if they already have legal expenses insurance such as on their home (buildings and contents) insurance. Speak to Hallmark Solicitors before your insurance company.
  • When an employer offers an employee a Settlement agreement (formerly compromise agreements) the employer will pay a fixed amount for you to receive independent legal advice. We can usually advise you within that fixed fee and we will advise of any additional costs
  • We offer fixed fees and reduced hourly rates to make pursuing your employment rights affordable
  • See our FAQ for employees’ page for more information about legal fees, Employment Tribunal fees and time limits for claiming.

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